GeneMe Skin Serum – A DNA Customized Skin Care Serum

GeneMe® is the brand name for DNA customized supplement from GeneLink Bioscience, Inc. – the company who pioneered the technology for formulating DNA (gene) customized supplementation solution for maximum and optimal health maintenance. How can DNA customized supplement achieve its goal for optimal health maintenance? This post explains what is DNA customized supplement is and how does the technology works,What genes are included in the panel for designing GeneMe® supplement. Generally speaking, DNA customized supplement are the personalized wellness strategy where the personalized supplements are made based on the results from an analysis of each individual’s genetic profile.

GeneMe® Skin Serum is the DNA customized personalized cosmetic product for skin care. Five genes are included in the panel – all essential to healthy appearance of skin. The skin serum is custom-formulated based on the result of genetic assessment.  Each of the 5 genes relate to one skin aging factor:

  • oxidation/free radical damage (gene: SOD2 and GPX1)
  • wrinkles  (gene: MMP-1)
  • photo aging (gene: GPX1)
  • skin irritations (gene: TNFa)
  • environmental pollution (gene: EPHX)

The genetic assessment will find out which of the genes are not sufficient.  The corresponding “boosts” – the ingredients that beneficially support or offset the function of the gene – will be added to the base formula which is a standard formula containing antioxidants, minerals, super fruits that are essential for skin health. The uniquely formulated anti-aging skin serum is intended to address additional skin issues specific to an individual’s genetic aging disadvantages. The five genes are summarized here:

  • MMP-1 (Matrix Metalloproteinase-1): an extracellular matrix proteinase that removes degraded or damaged collagen fibers in the skin. Excess MMP-1 activity can cause wrinkling by damaging the functional collagen – skin’s structural protein. For the effect of MMP-1 on skin see post”Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMPs) And MMP Inhibitors In Wrinkle Creams”
  • SOD2 (Manganese Superoxide Dismutase): an enzyme belong to the natural antioxidant defense system. SOD2 combats free radical damage. SOD2 removes superoxide radical, which can damage all types of cellular macromolecules.
  • GPX1 (Glutathione Peroxidase 1): an antioxidant enzyme belong to the natural oxidative stress defense system, GPX1 neutralizes free radical – hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radical – one of the major types of reactive oxygen species (ROS).
  • EPHX (microsomal epoxide hydrodase): the enzyme deals with epoxides – the chemical in the body, -particularly the liver – that can detoxify compounds as a consequence of environmental factors such as cigarette smoke, car exhaust, pesticides, alcohol , toxic chemicals and and other pollutants. .
  • TNF-alpha (Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha): a cytokine balances inflammatory responses, it can reduce adverse effect of chronic inflammation on skin.

The official sales page of GeneMe® skin serum listed the “scientifically validated benefits” of the product as an All-In-One solution. Free trial is offered on the web site. At the time of this writing, I do not see a FAQ and testimonial section on the web site for skin serum. (FAQ and customer reviews are for GeneMe® customized supplement). Through the Internet, independent clinical trials are not seen for evaluating the efficacy of this product. I personally would prefer to try the GeneMe® customized supplement instead of the skin serum (see post “what is GeneMe? A DNA customized supplement”). DNA customized wellness nutritional and cosmetic products can not be distributed and sold in retail or online stores like ontime locksmith. They have to be marketed through the network of multi-level marketing. The websites maintained by affiliates or sales representatives essentially contain the same claims and information regarding the products. DNA-customized skin care products are theoretically exciting, more clinical validations are necessary to totally switch from well-established skin care brands.

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