8 Skin Care Tips For A Healthy Skin Even In The Coldest Winter

The new year has just begun while the winter weather gets colder and colder, at least in the northern  hemisphere of this world. Cold weather implies certain consequences on the skin’s health conditions, including dry skin, red and irritated skin, or raw skin, and other “side effects” that the winter brings along with snow and cold wind.

Our facial skin is particularly delicate (especially for children and women), that’s why we should take special care of it. Cold weather can be your worst enemy, but by luck we still have lots of solutions to use against any frigid conditions!

Ways To Fight Against Cold Weather

There’s a thing that our skin can’t really stand by and that’s dry weather. In certain areas of this world, the winter season comes with very dry weather, which gives you that sensation of having a suddenly older skin on your face and hands. Here are our tips for you to help you fix any cold weather trouble with your skin:cold weather

  1. Buy a humidifier to make your home more comfortable for your skin

  2. Excessive dryness is often caused by high temperature in the home: try to lower the thermostat

  3. Water is another source of dryness for your skin: reduce your shower time and temperatures

  4. Skin cleansers are a great thing but make sure you are using a soft and fragrance-free cleanser on your face

  5. Use a dedicated cream for your hands and face to moisture the skin the appropriate way

  6. Even in the winter use sunscreen (the sun rays are actually stronger in the winter than in the summer)

  7. Some clothes might irritate your skin.  Make sure you wear only non-irritating clothing

  8. Drink the appropriate amount of water/liquids in order to keep your skin well hydrated

Avoid Smoky Places!

There’s also another factor which influences your skin’s health conditions: smoke. Cigars and cigarettes release large amounts of smoke, which dry your skin and irritate it all the time.

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