Epidermal Leveling (Derma Planing)

Epidermal Leveling, also known as, Dermaplaning, is a non-invasive skin resurfacing procedure using a special surgical blade called the “Epi-Blade” to remove the outer layers of the dead skin cell as well as  fine vellous hair, stimulates new cell growth and resulting in reduced fine line and wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and acne scarring. Epidermal Leveling can be used alone or in conjunction with other ablative skin rejuvenation procedures such as chemical peels and laser rejuvenation for enhanced results.

The procedure lasts about 45 minutes per session. The blade is held against the skin at a 45 degree angle and the procedure has to be performed by a trained and certified derma planing cosmetic physician. For best results, the procedures should be repeated every 3 – 4 weeks.  Each session can actually remove about 2-3 weeks of accumulation of dead skin cells.

As an alternative to other ablative skin rejuvenation techniques such as ablative laser resurfacing and harsh chemical peels, derma planing is less invasive and safer with comparable effectiveness. Epidermal leveling is equally safe for all skin types and skin tones. The risk of scarring is significantly less with Epidermal Leveling than with ablative laser treatments and the recovery to normal activities is almost immediate although discomfort or burning sensations may still occur after the treatment and during recovery. Because dermaplaing only removes  fine vellous hair temporarily, it will not have any adverse effects and does not change the hair growth pattern or hair texture and will not cause the hairs on the face grow back thicker.

Dermaplaning is also less expensive than chemical peels or ablative laser treatments. The cost for derma planing ranges from one hundred to two hundred dollars per session, depending on the geographic region in which the clinic is located, and the expertise of the provider.

In summary, the noninvasive ablative derma planing procedure can:

  • reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • make the skin look more smoother adn radiant
  • increase skin cell renewal and growth
  • increase absorption of active ingredients of topical skin care products
  • corrects some forms of acne and age spot

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