Will Derma Planing Cause The Hair On Face To Grow Back Thicker?

What is Dermaplaing? Dermaplaning is also called Epidermal Leveling. It is a noninvasive skin resurfacing technique utilizing a special surgical blade called “Epi-Blade” to achieve the exfoliation (peeling) results. Dermaplaning polish the skin, making it look radiant and smoother and … Continue reading

Optimize Stem Cell Therapy For Anti-Aging Skin Care – Inside And Out

The general biological aging process also applies to the organ of skin. There are several main causes of aging that also act on the process of skin aging. These include Free radical (oxidative stress), Glycation and Methylation (cause skin protein … Continue reading

What Is Stem Cell Anti-Wrinkle Creams?

Stem cells are cells that can divide and differentiate into diverse specialized cell types and can self-renew to produce more stem cells. Stem cells which naturally exist in skin become less active and responsive as we age and they slow … Continue reading