Anti-Aging Skin Supplements And Diet

Maximize Anti-Aging Skin Care Efficacy with Internal/External Approach

Considerable research and first-hand experience of physicians has shown that using topical anti-aging creams in conjunction with nutritional supplements (nutraceuticals) leads to superior results than using either skin care or supplements alone.

Example – HGH supplements + Skin Rejuvenation Cream/Serum In One

Some company launched combo product sets for combining and optimizing anti-aging effects of a HGH supplements with a skin rejuvenation cream. NeuLife Laboratories offers a “Longevity System”, featuring a high-grade HGH releaser in caplet form, Neugenisis™ and an aggressive topical anti-wrinkle crème, Neuderma™. Neuderma ™compliments the HGH benefits provided by Neugenisis™.