Tips For Healthy, Wrinkle-Free Skin

Scientifically speaking, aging is a natural mix of biochemical reactions in the body that trigger gradual deterioration over time and influence our general state of well-being, as well as our physical appearance. It’s a genetic “curse” that is inevitable and eventually affects everyone. Some people deal with it more easily, while others find it more difficult to come at terms with fresh wrinkles on their face and other specific changes in the body’s appearance.

Lucky for them, there are lots of anti-aging solutions in the form of products and procedures that can postpone or halt the natural aging process. The anti-aging market is one of the most lucrative and rapidly-growing markets today thanks to people’s interest for rejuvenating solutions. According to a new 2018 report by Orbis Research, the global anti-aging market was worth $42.51 billion in 2018 and its projection for the year 2023 is of $55 billion in the US alone. There are tons of impressive technological developments and continuous efforts to improve the efficacy and safety of the anti-aging products that are currently found on the market. If you count among those who keep their bathroom cabinets stacked with anti-wrinkle creams and serums, these next few tips should come in handy.

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It’s not all about the miraculous creams, lotions, serums and masks you could use regularly. You could also make some small, but significant changes in your daily routine for a big impact on your anti-aging strategy.

  • Use sunscreen every day. This is one of the best tips you could use, as it help you prevent the early aging of your skin during prolonged and continuous exposure to the sun. wrinkles, brown spots, uneven skin texture, fine lines and other similar issues are all a direct result of sun exposure. Focus on broad-spectrum sunscreen that contain zinc oxide and stay safe from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB. Your V0neck area and the back of your hands should also receive the same daily treatment, preferably with a 30 SPF lotion.

  • Stop drinking with a straw. We all love enjoying our favorite iced coffee or lemonade with a nicely colored straw. The problem here is that sipping with a straw will inevitably lead to the apparition of fine lip lines and wrinkles. These vertical lip wrinkles are formed while repeatedly contracting the muscles in the lips while having your regular morning smoothie or ice frappe coffee with a straw.

  • Use a humidifier so you can prevent your skin from drying and, thus, making your wrinkles look worse by the day. Make sure the moisture in your skin is constantly there, replaced with the help of freshly humidified air, especially during wintertime. 
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  • Worry less. By far one of the most important lifestyle changes everyone should embrace, indifferent of how many wrinkles they have. Learning how to decompress and leave the stress aside can help slow down the aging process. Chronic stress has been proven to cause serious changes in the metabolism that can make the natural aging process occur at a faster rate. The skin is the first one to take the hit. A 20

  • 12 study showed that exhaustion related to the workplace can accelerate cellular aging. Yoga, deep breathing exercises, practicing medication or a form of a relaxing activity you enjoy, such as engaging in online gambling, a game of bingo or chess can alter the genes’ expression in relation to stress. The catch is to practice these relaxing activities on a regular basis. The more, the merrier. Find clever ways of introducing these techniques into your daily routine; end your day reading a few fresh casino reviews or play a relaxing mobile game of blackjack while enjoying a long, soothing bubble bath or meditate in your balcony while the city’s humming is slowly fading away. Ten or fifteen minutes a day should suffice for your goal, as long as you can find a way to leave the chaos behind and connect with your body and mind. Do it 365 days a year, no interruption, no excuses and expect to see the results.

  • Exfoliate regularly. If you are not a big fan of exfoliation, it might be high-time to start using it. We tend to shed our skin similarly to snakes. The older we grow, the slower the rate at which our skin cells get turned over. This unavoidably leads to us having a dull skin complexion. This is where exfoliation comes into the picture. It helps us boost the skin cell turnover and get rid of dead skin cells faster while giving us the natural glow we are looking for. Just make sure not to overdo it or you will end up with red, irritated and dry skin.

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