Best And Worst Hairstyle For 6 Different Face Shapes

Do you feel your hairdresser doesn't satisfy your needs? It's a very common sensation that most women can feel as soon as they get back from the hair salon. They look at the mirror and think "it's not the hairstyle I was thinking about". A little frustration is the most evident consequence when your hairdresser doesn't meet your wishes and needs.

This Haircut Looks Terrible On Me!

Many women step in a hair salon with a picture of their favorite celebrity and ask for their hairstyle. But the results are scarcely the same… the celebrity's hair always looks more beautiful, softer, perfect. You must understand that it's not the hairstyle or haircut itself to be special – it's the way that haircut matches the face shape. This is where you are probably different than your favorite celebrity. A different face shape change even the best haircut into a boring, plain, ugly choice.

Many people ask for specific haircuts instead of letting the hairdresser find the best solution for their exact face shape. Especially if you are in a hurry because someone invited you on a last-minute weekend getaway or to go to a casino, for example. Well, if online casinos have such a big success on the web it's also because more people see it's quicker and simpler to play from home… after all, if you can read Arabic, you have no reason to go out when you haveروليت-مجانية at your availability 24 hours a day. Same games as land-based casinos, special bonuses, and high internet security level – what else?

face shape

Understand Your Face Shape!

Either you need a great haircut for a special event or everyday life, you have to first understand what your face shape is. You may think your face shape is round, but believe us, only a very few people in this world have a round face. Most people have an oval or heart-shaped face, they just don't know it!

If you want to determine what your face shape is, you have to look at your hairline, note the width and length of your face. Then, pull your hair backward while standing in front of a mirror and trace the outline of your face with a lip pencil. You will see that your face shape is one of the following: oval, square, round, heart, long, diamond. Now that you have a clue of your exact face shape, it's time to look for the best haircuts to ask your hairdresser next time.

Haircuts To Ask For And To Avoid

You've determined your face shape, great job! Now, you have to accept the idea that some haircuts will look perfect for you while others will give you a scarcely attractive result. Take note of these haircuts to ask for and to avoid:

Oval face
The best haircuts for you include blunt bob above the shoulders or shoulder-length haircuts with subtle layers. A side-swept bang should also be great. 
Avoid heavy bangs and one-length haircuts as they give your face shape a sad and nostalgic look.

Square face

square and diamond face shapes

The best choice for you is soft, wispy side-swept bangs or straight long hair.
Avoid thick and blunt bangs and wide curls as they make your face look a little severe.

Round face
To counterbalance the shape of your face, you should choose the deep-side part and high ponytails. On the contrary, you should avoid soft and wispy bangs and wide curls otherwise your face will look even more round.

Heart face
Shoulder-length lobs are perfect for heart-shaped faces. Choose loose waves and layers down at the collarbone. But keep in mind to avoid the middle part and short bangs.

Long face

round face shape

If your face shape is long, your best choice should be loose curls that start at the roots. This way your face shape will be counterbalanced by the volume of your curls. As a great haircut, consider long layers down to the collarbone. You should avoid very long hair (unless it's very curly) and sleek hairstyles.

Diamond face
This face shape is possibly one of the less common but it doesn't mean that you can't find the ideal haircut for you. To highlight the best features of your face shape, choose long side-swept bangs or, in the alternative, opt for short textured lobs. If you like sleek hairstyles, consider them with the middle part. The hairstyles to avoid include heavy rounded bangs and straight bangs.

An extra piece of advice is to check the shape and style of your eyebrows, too. They have to match your face shape as much as your hairstyle.


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