Using Your Smartphones Without Harming Your Health

If there’s one modern device that has significantly changed our lifestyle in the last few years, then it should be the smartphone. Its arguably the most influential as it changes the way we communicate, get information and entertainment, and even work. For these reasons, the majority of the population count on their smartphones as ‘constant companions’.

We see people fiddling with the smartphone screens, gaze at devices’ blue-tinted light while waiting for an update, and touching the smartphone every other minute to check for incoming messages. And for the teens and the young at heart, they spend hours playing mobile games or connecting to social media through the use of smartphones. In short, we now sacrifice human companionship in favor of a digital company. And if we are not careful, it will not just affect our relations but also our health.

The good news is that we can avoid the negative health effects without removing these gadgets from our lives. Just follow the tips described below to get started.

Pay attention to your posture when playing

How do you sit when you’re playing games on your smartphone? And please don’t say that you’re lying on your back when playing games or reading content online.

If you bend over the screen or play while standing for a long time, then you’re not alone. If you bend over the screen with neck cricked, there’s a big chance that you will develop neck and spine injuries. According to this study, the sudden popularity of smartphone use increased the incidence of neck or spine injuries which are referred to as ‘text neck’. According to a medical professional from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, by bending over the screen, we are reversing the typical backward curve of our neck.

So what can we do to avoid potential injuries?

If you’re using your phone to send messages or check the social networks, make sure to keep it an eye level. Experts recommend holding your smartphone at a higher level. This posture will hold your head up and should be exercised as well when sitting in front of the computer. If you’re using the phone standing up, always keep your arms close to the body. Also, pay attention to your hand positions. If possible, operate your smartphone with your two hands, in symmetrical positions.

Limit the blue light

The light from your digital devices may emit short-wavelength and high energy blue light. It’s not a problem if this light is coming from the star as it helps us remain awake during the day. However, if the light comes from the devices, it can become a health issue. It becomes problematic if the blue light is interfering with our body clock. That instead of resting and sleeping, the light keeps us awake. Also, there are researchers that link blue light to damage cells in the eye. Too much blue light can kill some cells in the person’s eyes which can lead to macular degeneration.

The good news is that your iOS and Android phones will allow you to configure the light emitted by the device. If you’re using an Android smartphone, simply check out Settings>Display>Night Light. Choose ‘Turn on now’ to reduce the blue light emitted by the device.

Limit your screen time

This is valuable advice if you’re an avid mobile game player or a casino enthusiast. We all know that popular casino games like online slots and table games are designed in various themes and are using striking colors and visuals. These are all designed to attract players to play for a long time. To protect yourself, make it a point to limit your gaming sessions in advance. For example, you can set 30 minutes every week to play online slots or bet on sports in popular sport betting India platforms. By limiting your game sessions, you don’t just protect your eyes from excessive exposure to the blue light, you also play in a responsible manner. For better results, we recommend that you use the responsible gaming tools offered by top sportsbooks and casinos. For example, you can configure the ‘Session Limit’ tool so the site can remind you to exit the sportsbook every 30 minutes or 1 hour.

These are just some of the common ways on how to protect yourself when using your devices. There’s no denying the influence and help of smartphones to the way we work and communicate. But let’s always use it in a responsible manner and always remember that real-time and physical connections with other individuals are always best.


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