Anti-Aging LED Therapy Home Device Reviews

Anti-Aging LED Therapy Home Device Reviews

Anti-Aging LED Therapy Home Device Comparison

NameDescription Regular PriceManufacturer
Baby QuasarBaby Quasar has 24 diodes, 12 red/amber and 12 infrared. Baby Quasar is designed with 4 wavelengths of natural light with SequePulse® Technology$450Quasar Bio-Tech © Silver Bay, LLC
DPL System™proprietary design consisting of two LED panels containing 154 880nm Infrared and 20 660nm Red LEDS.$350LED Technologies, LLC
Omnilux New-U used with Perricone MD Light Renewal™ treatmentdesigned to effectively treat periorbital wrinkles – crows feet. 8 skincare packs. contain specially-formulated skincare to use in conjunction with Omnilux new-U to maximize results$300Photo Theraputics
RejuvaWandThe RejuvaWand - Skincare System has at its core the patent pending RejuvaWand and Rejuva - Gel, a specially formulated, hydrating gel that works in tandem with the wand for maximum results. You can further enhance the RejuvaWand’s anti-aging benefits by using the specially formulated skin care products: Rejuva Cleanse, Rejuva Tone, Rejuva Moist with SPF 20 and Rejuva Night, night cream.RejuvaWand skin care system kit $200Light Dimensions Inc

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