Anti-Aging Ultrasonic Treatment

How Ultrasound Reduces Fine Lines & Acne?

Ultrasound has been used on the field of medicine, while it began on beautification only 15 years ago. Surprisingly, its three wonderful efficacy bring the ones who care about beauty a brand new world.

1. Highly speed vibration (machinery affect) of Ultrasound Massager

The first efficacy of ultrasound is the highly speed vibration. Except in vacuity, same frequency of ultrasound would display various waveforms via different transmissions. Their action on the tissue is just like massage. We usually call this machinery affect as micro-massage. All other efficacy is extended from this one, for example, the heat efficacy and the bubbling action. The ultrasound applied in therapy is usually ranged from 1 MHz to 1000MHz Even the least vibration of 1 MHz would be as keen as a sharp knife to cutoff steels, if we reinforce its amplitude. However, the output of the ultrasound used in treating people must be decreased substantially. The wave produced for therapy and beautification is only few micrometers high. One would feel nothing but a little warm. It is better for our tender textures. Appropriate micro-massage plays a modulating role to our physiological system.

2. The heat efficacy Ultrasound Massager

The heat is produced by vigorous friction of the modules in speed vibration. It is basically important to human body. To healthy cells, heat supplies energy and speeds metabolism, while to unhealthy ones such, heat weakens them and has them killed easily. However, for protecting healthy cells, almost all medical and beauty ultrasonic devices equipped the maximum output temperature and the timer setting for auto switch-off. The design is to rejuvenate our healthy cells and hurt no body tissues.

Fyola Facial Massager Maximizes Absorption of Nourishment Products (Vitamin A, C, E) According to the researches, massaging with 1MHz of vibration for ten minutes, the temperature of the skin texture 4-5cm deep into the surface would go up 0.5-1 degree centigrade, and with1 W/cm2 of continuous ultrasound, 0.07 degree centigrade up every second. What does the heat do? It is not difficult to consider that heat helps dissolve the fat, that heat accelerates the blood circulation, and also that heat promotes sweat drainage. All these are immediately concerned to our health.

3. The bubble action Ultrasound Massager

Stirring the water in a fish jar with a chopstick, we supply oxygen to the fish. The speeder we stir, the more bubbles we have. Now just image how many bubbles would be produced by one million stirs per second. That’s right, countless and invisible. But, each bubble still does its best to do what a bubble should do. They wrap all oil, stain them up tightly, and remove them away even from the pores of the face. You do not have to worry about the composition of the facial cleansers again, or, if your face is cleaned well or not. Ultrasound is deemed to take the place of soap.

No doubt, skin cleaning is the most important thing, especially for the one whose skin is oily. Most of people have tried and tried to find a perfect facial cleanser but seem to get no reward. Now, the cleaning method has to be changed to make a breakthrough. All we have to do is do a simple cleaning. As to the oozed oil, bacteria, etc. just leave to the ultrasound instead of variety of soaps.

 Benefits of ultrasonic therapy

Ultrasound utilizes sonic vibrations 1 to 3 million per second. As the muscles work; they naturally tighten and firm, resulting in a toning, lifting and smoothing effect anywhere on your body, face and neck. Benefits of ultrasonic therapy include:

* Use on cellulite to break down fat cells and smooth dimply skin.
* The micro-massage technique also soothes away the tension in your face muscles resulting in less frowning and clenching of the teeth.
* As the ultrasound vigorously moves molecules, they warm up improving blood circulation, and the vibration outputs toxins and waste from your pores.
* Also use with the combination of Red LED on aches or sprains to speed up the healing process.

A Combination of both Ultrasonic and Red LED light is the most effective way of its kind for the improvement of aging skin.

Ultrasound Devices

Easy handheld devices enable you to use in the comfort of your own home. Reach your desired results and maintain beautiful skin! Unlike other products, many Photo Rejuvenation Therapy products uses combinations of Ultrasonic, Red and Infrared Light Therapy for anti-aging therapy, Acne Blue Light Therapy. All Products are CE approved.


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